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Kids Private lessons.

Intense and playful tuition, flexible time management, tremendous progress, child-oriented explanation, exciting and suitable for all ages. Find this with Skischule Flachau and its best instructors.

Ulf Seidl, Skischulleiter, staatlich geprüfter Skilehrer und Skiführer

Games and fun for rapid effects and results.

Many foundations have been laid for instructor's careers by participating our private lessons as kids. Sometimes it is just the right choice of speed, sometimes a suitable terrain or an accurate demonstration of technique is needed to achieve progress. But mostly child-oriented exercises and range of movements will lead to success. A great boost to kids skills.


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Course times:  8.30 bis 16 Uhr

If you book whole days (4 hours or more) we will gladly pick you up from your hotel/accommodation.

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Skischule Flachau Ulf Seidl GmbH
Stahlhammergasse 268/7
5542 Flachau
P: +43 6457 2180
F: +43 6457 3107
Ulf Seidl


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