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Adaptive Program.

Sigi, our specially trained and certified Ski Pro for Adapted Skiing provides an opportunity for all people with disabilities to experience the freedom of winter sports.

Ulf Seidl, Head of Skischool, Staatlich geprüfter Skilehrer und Skiführer

Enjoy the thrill of the mountains regardless of abilitiy.

We offer special programs and can accomodate most needs for parapalegic, blind, individuals with Down-Syndrom, brain injury, stroke, autism, hearing impaired and for most people with limited motor skills. Our programs are in private lesson format, group lessons also possible in certain cases.

Individuals interested must meet Sigi for a pre-lesson interview.


Sigi mit Hilde aus Rüsselsheim

Hilde from Rüsselsheim/Germany used to be in a wheelchair. Now she is able to ski and loves her new freedom.

Try it and find out for yourself!

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Skischule Flachau Ulf Seidl GmbH
Stahlhammergasse 268/7
5542 Flachau
P: +43 6457 2180
F: +43 6457 3107
Ulf Seidl


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