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From today onwards, we feature a new package especially for short-term travellers. The course starts either on Thursday at 12'30 pm or on Friday at 9'30 am. We offer two (€ 140) oder three days (€165) for each 2.5 hours. The minimum number of participants is three.

08 2014


SKISCHULE FLACHAU – a merger for best quality.


Under this slogan, Christoph Mooslechner from Skischule Snowlife and Ulf Seidl from 1. Schischule Flachau have merged to guarantee the best quality and a wide variety of sports activities for the winter to enable perfect skiing holidays.

We are happy to have you onboard enjoying our website. Please browse through our offerings and contact us in case you need anything.

Christoph Mooslechner and Ulf Seidl

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04 2013

New Website

Het 1. Schischule Flachau presenteert naar haar nieuwe thuis.

From the start on, 1. Schschule Flachau aimed to present itself with the values and norms of its ski teachers: quality, emotion and passion.

We are loooking forward to the new season 2013/14. Please feel free to contact us any time if you are interested in our high-quality portfolio...

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Contact met ons op.

Skischule Flachau Ulf Seidl GmbH
Stahlhammergasse 268/7
5542 Flachau
P: +43 6457 2180
F: +43 6457 3107
Ulf Seidl


Volg ons via Facebook here en laat u informeren over uw ski-avontuur in Snow Space Flachau.

Wij houden u op de hoogte van nieuws met betrekking tot Skischule Flachau.

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